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LogoArt GP001RSO
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LogoArt GP001RSO

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The 082H5007 24 V N/C AB-QM Actuator is part of the Compressor, Copeland Scroll and Terminal Blocks family

The new Danfoss 082H5007 24V N/C AB-QM Actuator is designed for use in air-conditioning and refrigeration systems that require precise control of temperature, humidity or pressure to meet today’s demanding commercial applications

It is normally used for gas, hot water, radiant and steam heating systems

It is also suitable for fan coil, chilled water and refrigeration systems

This product has been engineered to meet or exceed original specifications and performance requirements

The elctrical safety of the device is the responsability of the purchaser and/or user and not that of Danfoss Inc

This N/C AB-QM 24v Actuator from Danfoss is a great product for those in search of a high-quality replacement part

The Danfoss 082H5007 24v N/C AB-QM Actuator is a motion control device used to deliver an accurate and reliable control function

It is compatible with many different systems, including but not limited to QM (Quantum) and PXB (Piezo)

The crank shaft then moves the motor attached to the scroll compressor

Now, will anyone care that we made that claim up? Probably not, but it sounds pretty impressive

This product can be operated in either a 2-way or 3-way configuration, depending on system requirements

The Danfoss 082H5007 24v N/C AB-QM Actuator is used in the Neuco 9788 Heat Pump to move the scroll compressor up and down

This product has been designed for use in a variety of commercial applications

Its precision and reliability make it an excellent choice for a variety of applications including medical systems, robotics, aerospace and more

The Danfoss 082H5007 24 V N/C AB-QM Actuator is a component in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry

The Danfoss range of ABQM actuators is designed to meet all your air conditioning needs

This product is professionally manufactured by Danfoss Inc

This product is manufactured in our ISO 9001:2008 registered factory using state-of-the-art production techniques

When the scroll compressor needs to be moved up, it is moved by pushing it from below by an actuator which is attached to a crankshaft

For those who don’t know, Danfoss is the largest supplier of refrigeration and fluid controls in the world

The N/C AB-QM actuator features integrated position feedback and manual override capability

It is designed with a function to open and close lines for circulation and control of liquids, gases or heat transfer using an electrically operated valve that uses a pneumatic actuator instead of a mechanical piston

By pushing on top of the scroll compressor, it moves down as a result

Danfoss 082H5007 24v N/C AB-QM Actuator is one of the best product in Danfoss that is used as a part of heating, cooling & ventilation systems as well as refrigeration equipment

Danfoss 24v N/C AB-QM Actuator, 082H5007

A high level of performance is achieved through the unit’s compact design, high-end materials and strict quality controls

The Danfoss 082H5007 24v N/C AB-QM Actuator is a general purpose servo valve used for either heating or cooling systems

The technical information provided with this product is provided without any guarantees or warranties on its accuracy and completeness, neither does it represent a commitment from Danfoss Inc

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  • upc 886774890609
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
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