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Maxitrol TS114C Co. Series 14 Discharge Air Temperature Sensor (160 - 210F)
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  • Brand: MAXITROL

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Maxitrol TS114C Co. Series 14 Discharge Air Temperature Sensor (160 - 210F)

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Maxitrol TS114C Co Series 14 Discharge Air Temperature Sensor 160-210 °HZ, 1/4"NPT..

This Instruments Maxitrol TS114C Co. Series 14 Discharge Air Temperature Sensor (160 - 210F) is designed to measure discharge air temperature in commercial air conditioners, refrigerators, and condensing units with a discharge capacity of 5, 10, 15, 20 tons or greater. This sensor should be installed in the discharge ductwork downstream of the evaporator coil or after the condenser coil and before any receiver or cooling tower where the return air enters the structure. The sensor should be placed in a vertical position in order to accurately measure ambient air temperature.

Maxitrol Co. Series TS114C Discharge Air Sensor is a 120/240 VAC single phase temperature sensing device that is used to measure the temperature at the discharge air outlet for applications such as forced air heat, cooling, packaged terminal air-conditioning (PTAC) units, unvented home heating equipment and other equipment having a similar function. This sensor is designed to fit standard 4" and 6" insulated flexible duct work with a diameter up to 5" or greater.

The Maxitrol TSR Series 14 Co Sensor is a high quality discharge air temperature sensor that turns ON the cooling system before the actual cooling ?temperature is reached, resulting in faster operations at start up and reduced compressor wear. This is achieved by allowing the compressor to turn on as soon as the discharge air temperature reaches 10°F above the setting you select. The controller then commands the compressor ON until DISCHARGE AIR TEMP falls below 10°F above setting. At this lower discharge temp it will keep the compressor OFF until the temperature rises again. This cycle repeats for each time period programmed.

The TS114C is a discharge air temperature sensor with case that mounts to the outside of the condensing unit. The TS114C is used in conjunction with an inside air temperature sensor of the same range and a zone control board to provide automatic control of a single, most electrically efficient compressor stop or start function.

The Maxitrol TS114C Co. Series 14 Discharge Air Temperature Sensor is an air temperature sensor which is used to calculate the temperature difference between flue gases and room air. The sensor registers the temperature of the exit gas. The difference can be converted into a system efficiency based on the following two formulas: % EFFICIENCY = THERMOWER – TINDOOR/TINFLUE x 100% Where: TTHERMOWER is the actual room air temperature in ºF + 32; TINFLUE is the actual flue gas exit temperature in ºF + 32; and

Maxitrol has provided reliable controls, monitoring instruments and replacement parts for HVAC and refrigeration professionals since 1968. Maxitrol TS114C Co Series 14 Discharge Air Temperature Sensor. Specifications: Voltage 12-24 VDC, 20-30 mA, Connector Type: 3 Pin. Maxitrol Part Number TS114C.

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