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Nibco KW900WLF6 KW900WLF6
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  • Brand: NIBCO

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Nibco KW900WLF6 KW900WLF6

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Nibco's Wafer Check Valves prevent reverse flow of sewage, which protects your pump from damage. Made from durable cast iron with a chrome-plating finish, these valves will not rust or corrode. Nibco KW900WLF6 KW900WLF6 (Bulk Packaging)

The Nibco KW900WLF6 Wafer Check Valve is used to prevent backflow into the supply line, and can be used in glacial troughs, boilers, chiller systems, and communication lines.

Nibco KW900WLF6 wafer check valves are ideal for use in natural gas service, and most commonly found in commercial and industrial applications. They can be installed vertically or horizontally out of the flow path. The Nibco KW900WLF6 is an ANSI type L class 2 component that offers a maximum working pressure of 375 psi, with a maximum temperature rating of 250ºF (121ºC). With its compact design, it fits easily into existing systems where space is limited.

The Nibco KW900WLF6 KW900WLF6 Wafer Check Valve with Elastomer Seats is a non-rising stem check valve. It is designed for use with Nibco Sanitary fittings

The Nibco KW900WLF6 wafer check valve provides a durable, dependable solution for water issues in residential and commercial applications. This check valve has a body made with C1588 copper alloy. Its welded, positive ring ensures a reliable connection to the piping system.

The Nibco KW900WLF6 Wafer Check Valve closes when sanitary conditions are not met. This full flow ball check valve is used in applications with positive water pressure, as the valve automatically closes when the flow stops. The Nibco KW900WLF6 is also resistant to chemicals and corrosion.

This Nibco KW900WLF6 Valves are specialty valves designed specifically for sanitary applications and are easily installed. It is a kind of check valve working by siphon principle, which is a non-clog device.

2 days
  • upc 039923327635
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
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