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Duravit 2173012001  - One-piece toilet ME by STARCK white Dual flush,elongated,siphon jet,HyG
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  • Brand: Duravit

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Duravit 2173012001 - One-piece toilet ME by STARCK white Dual flush,elongated,siphon jet,HyG

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One-piece toilet ME by STARCK white Dual flush,elongated,siphon jet,HyG Duravit 2173012001One-piece toilet ME by STARCK white Dual flush,elongated,siphon jet,HyG

The One-piece toilet ME by STARCK from Duravit combines a minimalist design with an elegant appearance to create a modern oval toilet bowl. A dual flush system provides you with the possibility of using either a maximum or a normal flush, depending on the type of waste being flushed. Using up to 20% less water than other systems, the dual flush mechanism produces both light and heavy flushes by either gently floating down the waste or powerfully sweeping it away. The ME by STARCK combines excellent water and energy efficiency with design and quality: Made in Germany.

The epitome of bathroom luxury with its puristic lines and exclusive materials used, the one-piece toilet ME by STARCK is an expression of functional aesthetics. The very large, 12" (30 cm) siphon jet with its powerful flush whips away everything in no time. This feature is also available in 1 variant without a rim for easy cleaning.

A one-piece toilet with elongated shape for added comfort. Features the award-winning Duravit ME by STARCK dual flush mechanism, which has two modes of jet evacuation: 6 liters (1.6 US gallons) flush volume with 6.2 liters (1.60 US gallons) / 6 liters (1.6 US gallons) with 4.5 liters (1.0 US gallon) water consumption, depending on type of flush required. The siphon jet system always ensures perfect emptying of the bowl - warm water washing with an effective wash zone up to 3 cm airspace height

The new One-piece toilet ME by Starck is exceptionally slender and sets new standards for comfort and water conservation, and the new S-shaped elongated bowl design offers a very generous capacity. Its dual flush system makes it possible to comfortably flush solid or liquid waste with one touch of the button.

The One-Piece toilet ME by Starck is a radical reinterpretation of the classic toilet. The ME One-Piece has a powerful siphon jet flushing system with double-flow control handle and a touchless electronic seat control. The highly sophisticated flat water surface contributes to a low water consumption of only 4.5 liters per flush while providing exceptional cleaning performance with an astounding 1,100 grams per flush capacity.

The one-piece toilet ME by Starck is a dual flush elongated model that delivers the benefits of a comfortable close coupled water closet with speedy modern functionality.

The all-new ME by STARCK, the world's first One Piece Toilet, is the perfect combination of form and function. The ME by STARCK combines sleek modern design with superior structural engineering to provide a toilet that delivers an extraordinary performance while allowing you to forget about flushing ever again.

The ME by Starck One-piece Toilet is the ambient version of the world famous "Bowling Ball" design Toilet. This one-piece toilet has a dual flush technology, which gives you the option to choose the amount of water used on each flush, depending on the type of waste you are disposing of. A push button flushing system allows easy, hygienic and quick use while the concealed trapway minimizes visual impact. The new soft closing seat with integrated lid makes no sound when shutting or opening.

The Duravit ME One Piece Toilet is an elongated toilet with a special siphon jet flushing system. This allows for a more powerful and quieter flush. The tank and bowl both have soft Closing Valves that won't slam and break the seal of your toilet. The siphon jet flushing system even eliminates water spotting, and will help reduce regular maintenance. The Duravit ME One Piece Toilet also features a silent close slide bolt to keep your bathroom as quiet as possible. This piece will be a nice addition to any bathroom

A new way to the throne. The ME by Starck, an elongated toilet bowl with a simple and harmonious shape, is produced using the latest technologies and represents the latest sensory experience in restroom design. It is an oasis of comfort and care; a sanctuary that is pleasant to use and gives you all that you could wish for: a perfect horizontal flushing mechanism and two old-fashioned flushing programs: for urine and faeces.

The One Piece is a toilet without compromise, designed with state-of-the-art technology. The construction of the toilet bowl consists of a three-ply material with a one-piece cast iron insert and an innovative glazed surface for effortless cleaning. The innovative siphon jet flush with a dual-flush technology saves water and is kind to the environment.

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  • upc 4053424052892
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
  • Manufacturer:Duravit
  • Part Number:2173012001
  • Shape:Oblong
  • Best Sellers Rank:#2,208,472 in Tools & Home Improvement
  • Brand:Duravit
  • Color:White
  • Date First Available :February 7, 2017
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