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OTC OTC-4650 Mirror And Magnet Set
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  • Brand: OTC

  • sku MEDC-22681
  • upc 731413042713
  • Weight: 0.85 LBS

OTC OTC-4650 Mirror And Magnet Set

Price: 2099-12-31 $56.74
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Mirror and Magnet Set

With our OTC-4650 Mirror and Magnet Set, you can have your cake and eat it too! Whether you are a makeup guru or just looking to cover those dark circles, this mirror and magnet set is exactly what you need

OTC-4650 Mirror And Magnet Set is a mirror and magnet set

Let's face it, it's all about the looks

The magnetic clip features a powerful magnet that will hold your makeup, sunglasses, notes or anything else you want to keep handy

The mirror is designed to be placed in the car for easy positioning

This product has magnets on its back so it can be attached to most smooth surfaces

The magnet will help keep all of your important items organized and keep them close to you at all times

It can be used as a safety mirror if you are stuck in a car or if you need to shave in the middle of nowhere

A mirror with a magnet is the perfect promotional product for any company looking to attract attention

The mirror and magnet are both high quality and are sold at a very affordable price

The mirror can be placed in the home or office, and will make a great item for customers to take when traveling

Mirror and Magnet Set

The OTC Mirror and Magnet Set is a high quality, strong and durable product

The OTC Mirror And Magnet Set combines a mirror and magnetic surface, providing an instant solution for a multitude of problems

It's compact size makes it ideal to tuck into a glove compartment or center console, while it's durable construction ensures a long window of use when out on the road

This product features a 3 by 2 inch mirror and magnet that sticks to the back

It is made of plastic which makes it durable

OTC OTC-4650 Mirror And Magnet Set for Travel that attaches to the headrest of any standard size seat

The Mirror and Magnet Set combines a highly reflective 3-1/2" x 2-3/4" oval mirror with a magnetic surface on the back of the mirror to allow you to stick it just about anywhere

The mirror also has a place to store your favorite lipstick right next to the magnet, so that you can choose exactly which shade of red is best for tonight’s date

OTC-4650 Mirror And Magnet Set is a set of mirror and magnet

The product also provides an excellent opportunity for branding with a custom imprint on the front

If you are in a vehicle at least once a week then this is a must have item! The mirror and magnet set is designed to help you style and look your best while on the road

Apply your makeup with ease while using the mirror’s magnifying glass to highlight that perfect spot before you apply your lipstick or mascara

The magnet can be mounted on the vehicle for convenient location of the mirror when washing your face or shaving

The magnifying mirror can be easily positioned for optimum viewing and folds flat when not in use

Use the magnet to hang your keys, hold papers and more, or use the mirror to check your makeup or style your hair

When the magnet is applied to the back of the mirror, it can be used to hang the mirror on any metal surface

This product is useful for hiking or camping as it has multiple uses

The OTC-4650 Mirror and Magnet Set includes a 8 inch diameter mirror, a powerful magnet and mounting bracket for the mirror

The Mirror can be used as a standard mirror or with the included magnet

This mirror and magnet set is perfect for any truck, SUV or car

3 days
  • upc 731413042713
  • Weight: 0.85 LBS

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