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  • Brand: Mayhew

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Mayhew™ Pen Style Magnetic Pick-Up Tool, 1.5 lb. Cap, Green

The Mayhew Pen Style Magnetic Pick-Up Tool, 1.5 lb. Cap will help you easily pick up tools and nails from lumber yards, hardware stores and home improvement centers.

This Mayhew™ pen style magnetic pick-up tool shovels steel and iron with the industry’s longest reach – 31” to be exact. Featuring a durable green polypropylene handle that holds up to tough jobsite abuse, its large magnetic head has a double-sided sticky pad both up front and behind the head for superior gripping power.

The Mayhew Pen Style Mag Pick-Up Tool offers a portable solution for any magnetic or ferrous parts that cannot be reached with your fingers. It aids in recovery of small parts from hard to reach places and is especially useful for retrieving broken studs, nuts and bolts, and tools. The tool consists of a steel shaft with magnetized molded plastic head that can pick up objects up to 1/2 inch (12 mm) in diameter, yet still remains lightweight enough to easily lift.

The Pen Style Magnetic Pick-Up Tool is spring loaded and attaches to most any surface. Durable and long lasting, this tool contains an 18 inch power cord with a 3/8" diameter magnet that can pick up engraving bits, saw blades, tap and die sets, metal drills, drill mounting screws and much more.

The tool snaps onto the magnet and the cap gives you extra leverage to get that screw off fast. It's excellent, generates lots of power, and fits into your pocket! The pick-up tool is a permanent magnet with a steel cap on it. This exceptional pick-up tool is US made in Mayhew's factory in Orrville, AL USA.

Mayhew's miniature pick-up tool is designed to lift small metal objects from the floor without using your hands. It is ideal for automotive, HVAC and electronic repair industries, as well as individuals who need something to pick up metal nails and screws from hardwood floors. The magnetic head features an integral socket that is attached to a 7? flexible coil. This lightweight design works with less effort and minimum discomfort. Its strong grip has the ability to handle pieces up to 1.5 lbs.

The PEN STYLE MAG PICK-UP TOOL, features the same great Pen Style design as our other pick up tools, but with a larger power head. Easy to use, it is light in weight, economical and an ideal tool for the trade professional.

1 days
  • upc 45256000640
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
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