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  • Brand: POLYVANCE

  • sku MSTS-7476
  • upc 946870001894
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POLYVANCE UR2020-T SMC HARDSET FILLER(BLK & WH)1LB KIT is a high solid vinyl ester resin. It comes with 4:1 polyaspartic hardener and has a medium viscosity and specific gravity of 1.40. This product has a 100% solids content and an open time of up to 3 hours, as well as a cure temperature range from 75 to 77 degrees C(167 to 171 degrees F). This fill delivers excellent thermoformability without settling or entrapping air.

The POLYVANCE UR2020-T SMC HARDSET FILLER(BLK & WH)1LB KIT features UV curable resins formulated for optimal performance in the 3D printing process.

Polyvance UR2020-T SMC Hardset Filler Black & White (1LB) Kit for your tanks. Polyvance UR2020-T is silicone sealant/adhesive, cures to a hard waterproof bond in 72 hours. Plastic safe.

POLYVANCE UR2020-T SMC HARDSET FILLER. PolyVance is one of the world's leading manufacturers of molding polyurethane foam products for use in a variety of industries. Polivance...

Poli-Vance UR2020-T SMC Hardset Filler is used for bonding Soft / Semi-hard Vinyl to Glass, Glazing Units, Aluminum & Fiberglass. It is also used for sealing joints, cracks around windows & doors or fastening horizontal or vertical studs or joists.

SMC's PolyVance appliances are lightweight, durable & "Green". It is cost efficient & all-purpose. This can be used on almost any household contained that will require an easy to use polyurethane foam, using the appliance or Arkema 210 Polyurethane resin. As supplied, its weight will be around 1.4 lbs, so it's suitable for filling large gaps/holes up to 14". The usage of this polyurethane resin is only restricted by your imagination.

A two-part, alkaline-curing silicone resin system that delivers high strength. Mix to a creamy consistency for volume filling, gap filling, or leveling uneven surfaces. The SMC-210 resin provides faster setting times giving you the ability to cure to full strength in 24 hours with the addition of catalyst at 72 hours.

Tintable polyurethane foam system for filling voids and cracks up to 1/2 inch wide. Mix, measure and dispense. Spreads easily with a putty knife or trowel...to a thickness of over 3/8 inch! A smooth, even surface that resists dirt, dust and stains.

POLYVANCE UR2020-T is a high molecular weight polyvinyl acetate (HMW-PVAc) that yields strong, transparent castings with excellent surface finish at standard room temperature cure. It features ultra-fast gel time and fast demold time, which makes it very suitable for higher production molded plastic products.

The Polyvance Polyvure-T System is a multi-component, low VOC polyurethane system that provides an air barrier to help insulate your home and save money on energy costs. It is easy to use, with only one application method for all components, and can be applied by professionals or homeowners. The system is simple to repair if damaged because the entire system is compatible, and it is 100% recyclable.

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  • upc 946870001894
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
  • Weight:2.00
  • Best Sellers Rank:#196,591 in Automotive
  • Brand:?Polyvance
  • Customer Reviews:5.0 out of 5 stars5 ratings5.0 out of 5 stars
  • Date First Available :July 3, 2006
  • Folding:?No
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer:?No
  • Item model number:?8542052568
  • Item Weight:?1.11 pounds
  • Manufacturer:?Polyvance
  • Manufacturer Part Number:?2020-T
  • Product Dimensions:?3.75 x 1.75 x 8.5 inches
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