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Pump, 8 gpm, 3/4 in. port size.

The original model is discontinued, but Home Depot sells an upgraded Envoy Encore for $55--Listed as "Essentials" model # F12441 8 GPM 3/4 Inch port size. The pump is the same physical model with a different paint coat and a plastic cap over the ports.

The Henny Penny P12441 pump is perfect for any situation. The 8 gallon a minute discharge rate is the best of any hand pump on the market. It will run continuous pumping cycles without rest and takes very little time to fill a standard, 20 foot pool. This model features quick release couplers, air bleeder valve, extra large serviceable strainer basket; and a heavy duty stainless steel frame, gears, and bushings.

This Henny Penny check valve is perfect for your sprinkler system to prevent water from flooding your yard and damaging your landscape. This check valve also prevents a reverse flow of water, which could result in damage to your home's foundation. The Henny Penny check valve is ideal for small residential irrigation systems with up to 1/2 inch poly pipe and 3/4 inch supply piping. This check valve features a water flow rate of 8 gallons per minute and can handle up to 400 PSI operating pressure, making it appropriate for most residential irrigation systems..

The HENNY PENNY F12441 pump is specifically designed for pump replacement in the following submersible pumps: ARICHOPOULOS #L10, L50; BANNER #P2500, P2600, P3300, L4100, L4300, L4400; BELAIR #GPH-4002, GPH-4613C; ELECTRO-MECH #EM3499; MANTAIR #GS2400-11/21; PEERLESS 251580, etc. Used on most irrigation applications.

These pumps are equipped with a built-in Gauge Pressure, allowing you to precisely monitor the water pressure at the pump discharge. All HENNY PENNY pumps are capacitive discharge, meaning they provide optimum performance by discharging water through the nozzle at a uniform rate.

The Henny Penny pump assembly is a high quality, heavy duty pump designed for instantaneous flow and fast recovery times. It's "double suction" design keeps water from entering the pump motor, where it can cause damage and lead to premature failure. Instead, the suction screen housing vent allows any water that enters the pump chamber to be expelled immediately, keeping the pump clean and free running.

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  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
  • Best Sellers Rank:See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen
  • Date First Available :November 10, 2013
  • GTIN:206813990686
  • Item model number:HEN64218
  • Manufacturer:Henny Penny
  • Product Dimensions:13 x 7 x 7 inches; 4 Pounds
  • Country of Origin:United States
  • Hazardous:0
  • Product Category:Motor
  • Product Notes:FILTER PUMP ASSEMBLY, 8 GPM;HENNY PENNY FRYER OEA-341, OEA-342, OFE-101, OFE-290,;OFE-291, OFE-341, OFE-342, OFG-341, OFG-342, OFG-390,;OFG-391, OGA-341, OGA-342, PFE-590, PFE-591, PFE-592,;PFG-690, PFG-691

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