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Access Tool AETQM Quick Max Long Reach Tool
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  • sku ISN-33389
  • upc 857550002295
  • Weight: 3.00 LBS

Access Tool AETQM Quick Max Long Reach Tool

Price: 2099-12-31 $37.86
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Quick Max Long Reach Tool

The Quick Max Long Reach Tool from Access Tools features a telescoping reach of 3 feet and an aluminum handle with a quick release tensioning system and comfortable foam grip. The Long Reach Tool is made in the USA, comes with a Lifetime Warranty, and has an additional 5 year guarantee against corrosion perforation.

MAXIMUM REACH Our Quick Max Long Reach Tool is the quickest and most efficient way to get your vehicle floor mats out of your trunk. Designed to work with virtually EVERY vehicle on the market, its multi-directional anodized aluminum handle practically guarantees you'll never be stranded again. Get to those hard to reach areas and remove them in seconds!

The Access Tool provides the finest in professional home remodeling and building access tools. We have been manufacturing our Quick Max® Long Reach Tool for over 17 years and it is considered the best quality product of its kind in North America.

With the Neiko Quick Max Long Reach Tool, you can reach through confined spaces to remove bolts or nuts. This is the ideal automotive tool for reaching through tight places to repair or access a damaged area. The magnetic tip on this long reach tool helps you quickly retrieve small dropped items.

This new tool lets technicians quickly and safely perform max-reach maintenance and repair on a wide range of machines. The Quick Max Long Reach Tool is an ideal solution for the aircraft, industrial machinery, marine engine, mining equipment, and many other applications where daily maintenance is mission critical. It addresses service challenges for complex equipment that takes more time or requires specialized training to quickly access hard-to-reach areas. With the right combination of lightweight compact hardware and durable materials, this revolutionary tool maximizes the service

This handy, multi-purpose tool fits in most carry bags. The Quick Max long reach tool is designed to be functional and super lightweight. It has a unique one-touch auto extending handle and loop for attaching screws, pins and clips. The other end of the tool features a super strong magnet with a carbide securing tip, which is great for picking up glass, nails or screws from hard surfaces.

The QuickMax long reach tool features an ergonomic grip and handle design to reduce wrist strain while allowing maximum leverage. It has a lightweight low viscosity liquid filled head that reduces impact loads by 50%. All models can be used with a variety of different hammer styles. The advanced ergonomic fiberglass handle design allows access in tight places that are uncomfortable or difficult to reach, sometimes without removing the part from the work site.

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  • upc 857550002295
  • Weight: 3.00 LBS
  • Length:60.00
  • Height:2.00
  • Width:8.00

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