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United Aqua Group 006202F Low Water Cut Off (Cal Code Only)

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006202F (Cal Code Only). The United Aqua Group Low Water Cut Off is an automatic water shut-off device that is designed to shut off the water supply in the event of a low water pressure situation. The device includes an electronic valve mounted on a precision ball float and housed in a cast iron body with brass fittings.

006202F Low Water Cut Off (Cal Code Only)

Fits: American Standard, Kohler, Pfister, Moen.

Aquasafe 0006202F is a high quality, heavy duty and reliable liquid filled float switch. It offers excellent protection for domestic hot water heating systems, providing peace of mind that the system will be switched off before the water level reaches a dangerous level. Featuring automatic reset mechanism it is designed to prevent nuisance tripping and can be used in gravity fed systems where it will monitor the level of cold water entering the tank.

United Aqua Group 006202F Low Water Cut Off (Cal Code Only) (Low Water Cut Off 006202F) is a temperature/pressure relief valve designed to protect water heaters against excessive pressure and temperature due to freezing. This valve was designed for use in closed systems only, and therefore should not be installed in direct contact with the atmosphere.

006202F (Cal Code Only)

A unique solution for your water conservation needs, the United Aqua Group 006202F Low Water Cut Off (Cal Code Only) is a device that shuts off your home’s water supply when you’re not using it. This is an especially useful tool for people who like saving money on things, like utility bills.

The United Aqua Group 006202F Low Water Cut Off (Cal Code Only) is used to control the flow of water, especially for the conservation of the available water resources. This product includes a gauge and dial indicator. It is used for all types of plumbing systems and requires an application that controls all types of hot and cold water taps, faucets, and showers.

The United Aqua Group 006202F Low Water Cut Off, is an electronic water shut off valve. A water shut off valve is an essential plumbing accessory in the event of a break or leak. This valve can be set to shut off immediately when the water reaches a certain level leaving no damage or mess behind when it happens.

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  • Manufacturer:Raypak

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