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RHEEM 60-25072-02 -Ruud Energy Cut Off Adaptor
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  • Brand: RHEEM

  • sku NEU-129663
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS

RHEEM 60-25072-02 -Ruud Energy Cut Off Adaptor

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Energy Cut Off Adaptor

Stop wasting energy! Set up an Energy Cut Off Adaptor in your home so that when the power goes out, your gas water heater will shut down and not continue to waste energy. The Energy Cut Off Adaptor allows the pilot light on your water heater to stay lit as long as you have natural gas flowing into the house. This prevents damage to your appliance and reduces emissions by eliminating the burning of extra gas.

The Energy Cut Off Adaptor is a replacement part for your Ruud indoor unit. This simple to install adaptor keeps the air conditioner running in case of a power outage. This model is designed for indoor use, indoor units only.

The Energy Cut Off Adaptor is designed to allow the installer the option of turning off the power to a Ruud tankless water heater.

Our Energy Cut off Adaptor allows you to use existing Ruud equipment in a new RHEEM housing. The adaptor kit comes with all necessary electrical components for converting old equipment on the products listed below. (Housing not included)

The RHEEM 60-25072-02 -Ruud Energy Cut Off Adaptor is a rev. 1.0 unit. The reviews for this unit were taken from a sample of 1; however, they are typical of those received for that version of the product.

Not only do our Energy Cut Off adaptors allow you to test pressures and voltages in your hot water system, but it makes the perfect accessory to keep in your bag. It will help to shut off your water supply line to your heater so you can change the anode rod and save yourself time waiting for cold water to heat up after changing out your anode rod.

The RHEEM 60-25072-02 -Ruud Energy Cut Off Adaptor is a replacement for a range of Ruud gas and electric water heaters. It is intended for users with branched multi-port piping systems, which are connected to propane tank(s) located at the property line or in garages. With that being said, our Energy Cut-Off Adapter has been deemed suitable for propane installations meeting the following conditions: multi-port piping systems within 3 ft of the property line, and plumbed to one or more tanks having a maximum distance of 25 ft from the main

2 days
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
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