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Dominion Big Box II Board Game
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Dominion Big Box II Board Game

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Dominion: Big Box 2E

Play down-portable versions of the best-selling Dominion card game, or use all the cards to create your own expansion and see how far you can go! This new edition has replaced the cardboard tokens with durable metal coins. Dominion: Big Box 2E will only be available in limited quantities for a limited time - grab yours today!

The world's most popular deck-building game is even bigger and better! Dominion: Big Box includes the basic set of Dominion cards, plus the Intrigue, Seaside, and Prosperity expansions. Play with up to 6 people, or combine decks with other sets for even more fun!

The Dominion Big Box is the best place to store and play with all your favorite Dominion cards. With room for all Dominion cards (expansions included!), you can now proudly display all of your favorites in one box. The Big Box even comes with a nifty plastic container for tokens--and the lid has space for an optional card tray so you can easily play through multiple decks!

The award-winning Dominion card game is even bigger and better than before. With more cards in each deck to choose from, this new Big Box has enough cards for 12 players to each have a complete set of Kingdom cards all to themselves! Each player plays their own game of Dominion separate from the other players by using their own deck of cards -- you never need to share your cards with anyone else.

Unleash your inner ruler with bigger, better dominion The oversized cards in Dominion: Big Box allow you to see more of the pretty art while playing your games. It's so nice, we've included an extra bonus and even more storage than ever before! This version of Dominion includes all new extra cards from the Intrigue, Alchemy and Prosperity expansions.

Featuring a completely new design over the original Dominion Big Box, the new Big Box II game box holds two standard sized games of Dominion, stored in separate compartments within the same box. This convenient space saving design helps you save some shelf space, and makes it easy to take your favorite Dominion games on the road!

Set up Big Box and get ready to enjoy a new way to play Dominion. The Big Box format allows you to play with even more of the fun elements introduced in the expansions, including Events, Alliances, and Shelters. As a bonus, two card groups are unlocked immediately: Treasure and Victory cards from Adventures and Seaside; and Victory cards from Prosperity.

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