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  • Brand: SCHLAGE

  • sku TND-791122
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With an elegant finish and distinctive styling, this CEN series lever lock is perfect for the modern home. The SCHLAGE FC21LAT530CEN FC21 LATITUDE 530 CENTURY lever features SmartKey re-key technology so you can re-key it to the same key you already use.

The FC21LATITUDE 5-Series Entrance Deadbolt is designed for use in households and low-traffic commercial applications such as apartments, condominiums, offices, and storefronts. The lock comes with a decorative trim that should be selected to match the surrounding trim on your door.

The FC21 Latitude uses a Pin & Tumbler cylinder with integrated side locking bolts to provide the strongest in security possible. The housing is constructed out of lightweight, stainless steel which comes in a variety of finishes. This item is for use on doors that swing outwards. It can be installed on both wood and metal doors and does not offer adjustable latch options.

A smooth-contoured design and slender door stile proportions make the FC21 entrance door a contemporary look that compliments any setting. The two point latching system provides exceptional resistance to forced entry. Featuring the SCHLAGE quality, durability and security you expect in a critical security product, the FC21 is offered in several finishes to complement home style and taste.

The Schlage FC21 Latitude series has an impressive breadth of lock models and functions. And every model is backed by innovative features such as EZSet programming, universal convenience, and the industry's most secure locking mechanism - all in a protective shell that fits any door.

The FC21 is a sleek, contemporary Deadbolt featuring an overlapping strike design for greater security. Designed to protect against loss, theft or forced entry, and providing superior resistance to tampering. It incorporates the Schlage Everest keyway for improved security and the exclusive Security-In-Action feature to withstand lock bumping. With the Everest keyway, it resists picking and the lock cannot be picked if it is not fully inserted into the cylinder. The lock cannot be manipulated with a key.

With this modern front door, you can say "goodbye" to single cylinder deadbolt locks and even welcome the new smart lock era. Whether you're a DIYer or a professional locksmith, getting all of the FC21's capabilities up and running is easy with its touchscreen that gives it a sleek look. Add the touch of your finger to easily program codes, check energy use history and troubleshooting reports at any time, and more—all from the palm of your hand. With security that's on demand, the Schlage FC21 has your home covered.

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  • upc 43156111114
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
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