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SCHLAGE's FE575-PLY-FLA-619 is a Schlage Residential lock with PLY and FLA options. This product comes in a VU PACK configuration. This lock comes with a Schlage keyway and is pre-keyed at the factory with the core removed.

The Schlage FE575 is a commercial quality deadbolt lock featuring a patent-pending, keypad locking mechanism. The Schlage FE575 is available in both residential and commercial configurations.

The Schlage FE575-PLY-FLA-619 is an ideal addition to most homes as it provides a lock that is easy to install and has the added benefit of being durable and weather resistant. The lock is made of steel and features a pick resistant, drill resistant cylinder.

With Schalge’s Schlage FE575-PLY-FLA-619 Residential Lock, you can protect your home with a keyless entry system that’s incredibly easy to use. The large touchscreen display allows you to input your own personal code quickly and easily. You won’t have to worry about forgetting your code because the lock has a built in timer that resets itself every 30 seconds. You can also use the lock with any of Schlage’s Orbit keys or deadbolts for added convenience.

Schlage FE575-PLY-FLA-619 VU PACK FE575-V-PLY Residential Lock Schlage is one of the most recognized brands in home security and with good reason. These locks are top of the line and made to last so they can keep your family feel safe. Schlage double cylinder deadbolts have a bolt within a bolt. The inner bolt retracts first and then the outer bolt retracts, which means there are more points of resistance keeping it locked. It has a secure keyway that blocks pickers or bump keys while an anti kickback feature helps secure against lock bumping attacks.

Schlage FE575-PLY-FLA-619 Residential Lock – Ply x Fla Keypad Lock VU Pack FE575-V-PL

The Schlage FE575 PLY-FLA-619 Residential Lock has a faceplate that is designed to be mounted on a door as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) component. This faceplate is made of steel. This product has a cylindrical lock core, and an integral cylinder cam that is hollow and extends through the cylinder housing. The cam rotates to retract the bolt into the locked position and advances to allow the bolt to move away in the unlocked position. The core can be operated by key, by lever or with a keypad.

The Schlage FE575 is a commercial grade, fully featured electronic deadbolt featuring Grade 2 ANSI/BHMA certified Residential 5-pin X-10 electronics. The Schlage FE575 is an ideal lock for securing healthcare facilities, multiple family housing, or any primary entrance door requiring additional security.

Schlage FE575-PLY-FLA-619 Residential Lock PLY X FLA Keypad Lock VU PACK FE575-V-PL

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