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  • Brand: SWIVL-EZE

  • sku ELLB-12040
  • upc 14599903093
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS


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The SWIV SKI PYLON RUNABOUT is the perfect mix between a skier and a kayaker. Its unique design allows it to be used in both water and snow, so this product is great for people that love the outdoors, especially those that snow ski. The self-righting feature makes maneuvering much easier. This product gives you more chances to enjoy life.

The SWIV SKI PYLON RUNABOUT is one of best-selling ski pylons on the market today and for good reason. It offers all the features that a recreational skier would want to make their experience safer and more enjoyable. From its lightweight aluminum construction to its tilting ABS platform, this ski pylon can tow behind most any boat in your marina and still be light enough for one person to handle.

The SWIV SKI PYLON RUNABOUT is a versatile and adaptable boat. Its unique design incorporates the SWIV-LIFT system that lowers the swim platform to a speed boat configuration for boating in tight quarters or for launching or retrieving 2-passenger jet skis.

The NEW PYLON is the powerhouse of the Swivl-Eze lineup. At 27 HP, this BEAST is in a class by itself. The SWIV SKI PYLON RUNABOUT is an amazing ski boat, that has been customized for boating enthusiasts with special docking and easy handling needs.

The Skidoo SWIV PYLON RUNABOUT is a true all-terrain ski. Whether you're on pavement, snow or sand, the PYLON's reverse-drive transmission, industry leading technology and rugged chassis design make it the most versatile Ski-Doo of all time. It will turn heads with its new styling and genuine aluminum castings. The PYLON features a completely new, engine-forward chassis design which allows an amazing 115" track length and ultimately increased flotation in deep snow. The 'S' is known for its hooligan personality - Full authority floating suspension,

Swivel your way to freedom with the Swiv Ski Pylon Runabout. With a patented swivel design, the Pylon Runabout is a one of a kind ski pylon that allows you to easily maneuver side-to-side and pivot in place perfectly on just two skis and one ski pole. No more struggling changing directions on the water. The Pylon Runabout works great with other water skis, wakeboards or wakeskates. You can even use it for fun on flat surfaces such as pools, ponds and lakes.

The new Swiv Ski Pylon Runabout is a perfect ski boat for 1-3 people! With 33" pontoons that are perfect for skiers and wakeboarders, the ability to swivel on land or in the water, and a small enough frame to fit almost anywhere, the Pylon Runabout can't be beat!

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  • upc 14599903093
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
  • Length:48.00
  • Height:3.00
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