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Toto THP3323 Solenoid Valve,Unit,Ecofaucet
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  • Brand: TOTO®

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TOTO® Solenoid Valve,Unit,Ecofaucet THP3323

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TOTO® Solenoid Valve,Unit,Ecofaucet

TOTO® THP3323 Solenoid Valve,Unit,Ecofaucet

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Solenoid Valve,Unit,Ecofaucet

TOTO® THP3323 Solenoid Valve,Unit

This replacement solenoid valve is designed for use with TOTO®’s Esupply EcoFaucet system.

The EcoFaucet Solenoid Valve allows you to control the water automatically. This valve is used for new installations or replacement of existing valves with no call backs, or inconvenient call backs for service. It is ideal for the retrofit of existing standard toilets. With the addition of this valve, the toilet consumes less water. The valve electronically opens all the time when activated by remote controller, and turns to standby mode after a preset time period after use

Our EcoFaucet high-efficiency solenoid valve with a built-in water filter, is designed to meet the most rigorous demands. Our state-of-the art solenoid incorporates industry leading technology for peak operational efficiency. For commercial applications, our unique design solves the problems associated with common solenoid valves and improves the cold water delivery performance without increasing costs. To meet the needs of today’s homeowners, our valve offers a variety of features, including touch-activated operation
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  • upc 739268358065
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