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  • Brand: TOTO®

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TOTO® KeyNozzle Removal Ecopower Faucet Spout

The TOTO® KeyNozzle Removal Ecopower faucet spout makes it easier than ever to remove the aerator and keynozzle efficiently and without tools.

Here's a tool you'll use over and over during installation: the TOTO® KeyNozzle Removal Tool. It works with any faucet found on the EcoPower Collection, including these models: 2193GR2201A

Eliminates splash and aerates water, so you can conserve water while washing your hands or brushing your teeth. The key nozzle pop-up assembly (part no. 3930570) was used with TOTO® 's Ecopower tub/shower faucet spout (part no. 3930565). This genuine TOTO® replacement part has been discontinued and is no longer available to buy separately.

Add faucet options to any existing 3" or 4" installation with this TOTO® Faucet Spout. This screw-on spout is made from ceramic and nickel, making it both durable and stylish. You can rotate the spout 360° to fit your needs, and you can hide unwanted wires with the Key Nozzle locking mechanism. Installation is easy, as it has standard 3/8" connections for an ecopower dip mixer spout.

Remove Faucet Spout with KeyNozzle Warranty: Limited Lifetime for Ceramic Cartridge Easy Installation, Easy Removal Made in Japan

The TOTO® Key Nozzle Removal will work on your TOTO® Lavatory Faucets that have the same style nozzle. The TOTO® Key Nozzle Removal will work with the following model number: THP3115, THP3116, THP3117, THP3119, THP3120, THP3121, THP3122, and 985T.

The TOTO® ECOPOWER® faucet spout is used alone or with a handheld sprayer. Genuine TOTO® replacement part.

KeyNozzle Removal Tool lets you easily remove a key nozzles with just one hand, letting you remove it faster and with less effort. Contains a flex-head, high-leverage extension handle that's designed to reach 1,000 PSI spray nozzles typically located near the floor, to quickly and safely remove them without causing damage.

It's easy to remove the nozzle's return springs. Simply twist counterclockwise, lift up and pull out.

Replacing your old faucet with a high-efficiency, water-saving model is a smart way to cut down on your water bill. Commonly, these larger faucets are installed into sinks that have a hole that measures 2.2 inches or wider. This screws directly into the wall and mounts right over your existing faucet spout. Required tools: Plumbers tape and pipe wrench.

A quick push and then a turn of the key in the nozzle will release the nozzle from any handle
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3 days
  • upc 739268299665
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
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