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  • Brand: TOTO®

  • sku ST41-5630
  • upc 739268220294
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TOTO® Sp Cartridge Hot 12

The TOTO® Sp Cartridge Hot 12 is an excellent addition to your bathroom. Designed with a classic, clean profile, this small space toilet features a compact design that will fit perfectly in standard sized bathrooms. Its built-in 12" rough-in allows you to install the toilet easily on your own without professional help. This product has earned the ENERGY STAR© for its superior energy efficiency.

The TOTO® SP-C series is a strong cold and hot water pressure tank offering the ultimate in luxury. 2 Inch hot water connection. Comes complete with: Pressure boosting pump (also known as primary pump) and pressure balancing valve (also known as balance valve).

The TOTO® THP4865 12" Sp is for commercial use and comes with a durable construction to resist wear and tear so you can use it for at least 12 years without worry. Made for people looking for the ultimate luxury, this high density polymer shower head delivers consistency in pressure and output through the entire spray pattern to ensure a relaxing experience.

With our state of the art high temperature Flushometer, you can get the powerful performance and reliability you need to keep your restaurant or commercial establishment running smoothly. The TOTO® Sp-12 Flushometer is a commercial grade flush valve that delivers 1.6 gallons per flush--enough water to clean any restroom thoroughly, leaving your business looking its best for customers.

This TOTO® THP4865SP Cartridge Tank Toilet Hydro Jet, 1/2" Connection delivers a high water output that will handle all your flushing needs. It has been pre-assembled to provide you with the simplest installation possible and its compact design allows it to fit in almost any location. This toilet also comes with an EverClean surface that prevents corrosion and buildup for years of maintenance free use.

The Sputnik was the first satellite launched into outer space. TOTO®'s Sputnik is the right porcelain toilet for all your bathroom needs. With its firm, comfortable, quiet, and efficient performance, it will send you into orbit for sure. The fixture's small-shaped, light weight design fits where a standard toilet can't.

The Sp10H is a compact 1/2" (10mm) single point Car
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2 days
  • upc 739268220294
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
  • Date First Available:January 8, 2017
  • Item Package Quantity:1
  • Manufacturer:TOTO®
  • Material:Brass
  • Part Number:THP4865
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