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TOTO® Elbow Outlet Pipe - In Wall Ta Nk Wt174M THU490A
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  • Brand: TOTO®

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TOTO® Elbow Outlet Pipe - In Wall Ta Nk Wt174M THU490A

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TOTO® Elbow Outlet Pipe - In Wall Ta Nk Wt174M

TOTO® THU490-A Elbow Outlet Pipe - In Wall Ta Nk Wt174M THU490A 1/4" x 0.5" Brass Push to Connect Connects P-Trap Faucet to an Elbow Outlet Pipe in a sink or bathtub wall as required by code. The angle of the elbow is fixed at 90 degrees, and the included swivel nut terminates the pipe with a connection size of 1/2 inch.

Easy to install and use, these TOTO® under-the-sink drainage fittings add convenience to bathroom countertops. Each fitting features a simple push-and-turn operation that helps you attach it to the TOTO® Sp Tank (THU490A) in just seconds. Composed of durable plastic, the fittings help elevate your kitchen sink while freeing up valuable under-counter space, and they are ideal for heavy household use._x000D_

• TOTO® Sp Tank

Our elbow outlet pipe is designed by TOTO® to fit TOTO® tank models, including AS20GN, AT20GNTU, CT203SA and more. The elbow outlet pipe can be used with a variety of other tank models such as American Standard 2029. Elbow outlet pipe has pop-up drain assembly which is not included in the product box. This elbow outlet pipe works with the flush valve model number FV100.

The TOTO® Sp Tank is curved with a round edge, using a minimal amount of water each time. It's equipped with the Tornado Flush system, which uses air pressure to generate a centrifugal force that flushes even the hardest-to-reach nooks and crannies in your toilet. For added peace of mind, it's also been built to include TOTO®'s EZ-Clean technology that inhibits mold and mildew growth inside the tank.

The Elbow Outlet Pipe - In-Wall is designed to provide a smooth transition between the wall, floor and toilet. The only exposed pipe is the 36" rough-in waste pipe which can be routed out of site using a cover.

Add the finishing touch to your new TOTO® toilet with this elbow outflow pipe. This pipe connects the tank to your bathroom sink or bathtub, and ensures a leak-free connection between your tank and drain. Plus, its stylish design brings a beautiful look to your bathroom setting.

Eliminate knee knock with our new Elbow Outlet Pipe Retractable Toilet Supply Line. In-wall installation ensures a quicker, easier install and less messy, more professional looking results. This universal design can be easily installed into any floor flange using standard tools.

Great for use with all TOTO® toilets, the Sp Tankless Outlet Pipe is a direct pass-through pipe that connects to your dual flush toilet. It provides water to the toilet bowl during both high and normal flushes, making it a great piece for use with any modern restroom.

Every TOTO® product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure flushability. In fact, TOTO®'s Flush Technology exceeds industry standards, exceeding the Federal Drug Administration guidelines and California Proposition 65 by 2X. However, we recommend that you do not use this product.

This EcoPower valve, with a powerful and energy-efficient motor allows for greater volume control for faster refilling, plus with the addition of the TOTO® cord retainer, it prevents the cord from disconnecting or disengaging. All together, these special features allow your family to spend less time in line at the kitchen sink or bathroom, and more time doing other things!
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3 days
  • upc 739268332225
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
  • Date First Available:January 9, 2019
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