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Trane RLY1040 24V SPDT Relay 24V SPDT Relay
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  • Brand: Trane

  • sku NEU-60440
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS

Trane RLY1040 24V SPDT Relay 24V SPDT Relay

Price: 2099-12-31 $34.06
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24V SPDT Relay

5" (546 mm x 546 mm) Activated Carbon Filter into one compact easy to handle media filter cartridge that includes integrated wheels

It also reduces drying time for carpets and floors by attracting water from humid air to help achieve optimal dehumidification which reduces mildew and mold growth in your home

For best performance, replace this filter every 12 months or more often if needed

The filter will collect dirt, which may affect the performance of your system

This filter is designed to trap dirt, dust and pollen particles before they can enter your HVAC system

5"x21"x5" MediaFilter from Trane is designed for use with your central air conditioning system

This product improves air quality by reducing airborne particles, including pollen, dust, dander, mold spores, and pet dander

The Trane Media Filters are designed to provide clean, healthy indoor air and consistent temperature year round

5" (38 mm) pleated media filter and a 21

5" x 21" x 5" media filter with Microns of

These filters should be replaced every 12 months or as needed based on the HVAC usage of your home

It is a 21

5 and

By replacing the filter periodically with a clean one, you can have peace of mind knowing your heating and cooling systems are running at optimum levels

The filter reduces airborne pollutants in the air such as mold spores, pollen, pet dander, smoke and dust particles

Trane MediaFilters are designed to fit the Trane FLR6072 furnace and other compatible models

This product has been tested by Intertek, an independent testing lab, to ensure it meets the quality specifications set forth by Trane

This 21

This media filter can reduce the amount of dirt that makes it through your furnace

This filter can be used to help reduce dust, lint, hair and other airborne particles inside your home

It removes up to 75% of particulates before they reach indoor air

5x21x5 MediaFilter delivers superior filtration for your home comfort system, removing particles as small as 5 microns from the air you breathe

5x21x5 MediaFilter is designed for use with the Trane XL18i, XR18i, and XH20i Air Conditioners

This filter has a MERV 8 efficiency, and covers 250 sq ft

This high-efficiency filter removes household dust, pollen, and other large airborne particles from your indoor air

The filter can capture over 99 percent of these particles at 1 micron in size

6% of particles as small as 1 micron

The Trane 21

Trane MediaFilters are designed to remove up to 98

It captures up to 90% of particles that cause damage to the unit and reduce air flow


The Trane MediaFloor™ 3-in-1 Filter, is designed for use in the Trane FLR Series ducted air conditioning systems


5x21x5 MediaFilter has been specially designed for the Trane XE1000 heat pump system

The Trane FLR6072 21

The MediaFlo™ 3-in-1 Filter combines a 1

When properly installed and maintained, they can be an integral part of your system’s reliability and longevity

The filter is constructed with a UL Class 3 fire-rated mesh material and coated steel wire support for durability and strength

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  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
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