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Meguiars MEGM20501Meguiars Ultra Finishing Polish, 1 Gallon MGL-M20501
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  • Brand: Meguiars

  • sku ISN-28834
  • upc 070382305017
  • Weight: 8.40 LBS

Meguiars MEGM20501Meguiars Ultra Finishing Polish, 1 Gallon MGL-M20501

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MEGUIARS MEGUIAIRS ULTRA FINISHING POLISH 24 OZ (1 GALLON) The final step to paint perfection! Every car enthusiast desires a high-gloss finish. This is the perfect solution. Our 100 percent synthetic formula creates clarity and enhances gloss for "showroom mirror shine". Ultra finishing polish is safe on any color paintwork, and can be applied by hand or machine.

Ultra Finishing Polish utilizes Meguiars exclusive micro abrasive Technology for a fast, easy way to remove swirls and light imperfections, restore gloss, and deepen the colour of your paint.

MEGUIAR'S M205 ULTRA FINISHING POLISH is a highly refined, rapid-cut, ultra fine finishing polish for a mirror like shine! M205 leaves an "Ultra-Flat", "Swirl Free" finish on all paints. Detailers and enthusiasts alike demand the most from their equipment, and MEGUIAR'S delivers. MEGUIAR'S advanced technology has engineered a formula that provides faster cutting and higher gloss than previous Meguiars Metal Polish products. The High Abrasion Resistant (H.A.R.) Technology polymer provides an aggressive polish

Quickly and easily create a showroom-shining finish with Meguiars Ultra Finishing Polish. The 1:1 ultra-refined polish formula is so fine you can apply it by hand for ultra high gloss or machine apply it to remove moderate to severe swirls, scratches, oxidation and even water spots.  Ultra Finishing Polish is so advanced, you can apply it by machine right over waxes and existing sealants. Simply remove the wax (or sealant), wipe off any residue and then follow with a coat of Ultra Finishing Polish.

Meguiars MEGM20501Meguiars Ultra Finishing Polish, 1 Gallon MGL-M20501 is a rich, synthetic blend of cleaners and abrasives to give the unique finishing touch to any vehicle. This easy-to-use formula delivers maximum gloss with minimal effort so you can spend less time working and more time enjoying your work once it's done!

The MEGUIAR'S ultra finishing polish is a high gloss detailer and finishing polish that contains ultra fine diminishing abrasives for creating an exceptional, jewel like gloss. The MEGUIAR'S ultra finishing polish can be applied by hand, orbital or dual action polisher. It will remove holograms from newly applied paint finishes, or can be used to refine the paint on a vehicle after using a compounding polish. The MEGUIAR'S ultra finishing polish will enhance and create depth in synthetic wax or painted finishes and is also excellent for use as a maintenance product between regular waxing applications.

The ultra finishing polish glided across the paint and left an incredible looking shine. This polish will quickly become a favorite for professional detailers as well as top-tier car collectors. It's safe to use on all automotive surfaces including glass, chrome, and plastic.

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  • upc 070382305017
  • Weight: 8.40 LBS
  • Length:4.00
  • Height:12.00
  • Width:7.00
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