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  • Brand: Weller

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1/16 TIP S.D

The 185-ETA 1/16 TIP S.D is a multi-purpose etching tip for use with your WELLER soldering station. It's great for etching printed circuit board traces and components, stripping paint from metals and molds, and more. It features an extremely fine .015" square chisel point that can fit into the tightest areas, and has wire loops on the sides that allow you to anchor the tip while applying pressure to other parts. It comes with approximately 200 units of platinum-tipped corrosion resistant wire in a holder so you are ready to start etching right out of

The WELLER 185 manual soldering station includes three different tips that allow the user to choose what they feel is the best type of tip for their specific application. One of these tips (1/16 TIP S.D) is a small diameter ¼ inch soldering iron that has a shell size about similar in size to other 1/16 tip solder irons.

Pilot your circuit board with precision using the ETA tip, 1/16". The conical shape and ground edges ensure against tip wobble and breakage, while the fine point allows for detailed soldering. For m

The WELLER 185-ETA is a fine tip. It has a diameter of 1/16". It is made of steel.

This is a very high quality soldering tip for the Eta iron. With . . . you get much less heat transfer and much more even heat throughout the joint.

For all your soldering, brazing and heat-forming applications. A gas-flow temperature between 1150 and 1650 degrees Celcius may be set to suit individual requirements. The resulting flame is of high stability and has longer life than a pre-set tip. It is fitted with a removable, washable flux filter and solid knob. A cutting/heating disc can be used instead of the tip for inside or outside work..

You'll appreciate this reliable, dual temperature soldering iron. The high temperature tip reaches a temperature of 910° F (510° C). It's designed for general soldering, rework, board level repair and prototyping. Thanks to its small size and cordless feature, it offers you the flexibility of hot irons anywhere you want them. Using an infrared sensor and temperature lock function, it simply gets the job done at the perfect settings every time. It has a compact design offering comfort in hand, and with its removable iron rest, makes storage that much more convenient. Features: • Dual Temperature Settings • Con

Lightweight, compact, and with a comfortable grip, this butane tool is ideal for those who do not own their own torch.

When soldering at a desk you don't want to be holding the tip. Accurately transfer heat from the iron to the work by using the Weller 185. Its tip is held in place by two strong magnets, allowing you to place the iron down safely and smoothly.

This is an easy to use, high-quality product that features a heavy-duty DC motor.

This pilot tip pencil is available in 4" and 6" lengths. The pearly finish prevents the marking point from rolling off the work surface and facilitates a long, even line.

This tip has a slightly wider, flattened face for increased contact with the work piece for fast and smooth metal deposition.

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  • upc 37103477286
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
  • Length:2.30
  • Height:0.55
  • Width:5.15
  • Cost UOM:EA
  • HAZMAT Item:NO
  • Minimum Order UOM:EA
  • Product Category:WELDING SUPPLIES
  • Product Subcategory:SOLDERING & BRAZING
  • Special Order Item:YES
  • UOM Conversion:1 EA = 1 EA
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