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York S1-025-43293-000 SPST Temp Control
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  • Brand: YORK

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York S1-025-43293-000 SPST Temp Control

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SPST Temp Control

Whether you are looking for commercial or residential comfort, the SPST Temp Control is flexible enough to meet your commercial space's needs. With its compact design, this unit is easy to install, with a comfortably low ambient temperature set point of 64°-90°F. This unit is equipped with a adjustable cooling with an output of 4300 BTU/H. Our programmable quick disconnect panel makes it easy to power the unit with a c-wire installation without cutting into existing electrical work.

With a compact design and superior performance, the SPST Temp Control thermostat provides heating and cooling capabilities. Ideal for low-voltage applications, it includes a contoured body with a Smartlabel™ for quick model identification.

With the new York S1-025-43293-000 SPST Temp Control, you can control the temperature of your convenience store more efficiently than ever before. This new device is far less complicated than previous models. Instead of cumbersome dials, it has a sturdy lever that can be moved up or down with ease.

Whether you're cooking a steak to perfection or baking a cake, the S1-025-43293-000 SPST Temp Control is easy to use and feature packed. This feature rich two burner gas stove provides 430,000 BTU of cooking power and has a griddle top for cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner. With four sets of easy roll wheels and legs this versatile stove will be able to handle all the tasks you throw at it.

The York Temp Control valve attaches quickly and easily to the hydronic output of your boiler system, serves as an automatic control valve, and helps regulate the flow of hot water into your radiant floor system. The SPST model features a kick-on high limit setting on the knob, making it simple to operate.

The S1-025-43293-000 is a single pole dual throw normally closed, SPST solid state temperature control. The series 43293 solid state controls offer both normally closed and break-before-make control circuits. This is a solid state, single pole/single throw (SPST) pressure differential controller. The terminals are mounted at the top of the package for convenient connection with wire leads or solder terminals. For mounting on panels or enclosures, an external barrier terminal strip and barrier terminal block with integral mounting holes and hex lock nuts must be used.

Low Voltage SPST (Single Pole, Single Throw) ON/OFF Thermostat used on some York Heat pumps and Air Conditioners. Button and indicator light illuminates when heating (indicator light blinks when cooling).

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  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
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