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3M 3M4333 COMPANY 220G BELTS 4X106 5/BX

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220G BELTS 4X106 5/BX

This fine, medium surface conditioning disc is ideal for prep work, sanding, and finishing on all lacquer-, paint-, and varnish-coated surfaces

Use it on wood, metal, plastic, rubber, or vinyl

The Scotch-Brite Roloc Medium Surface Conditioning Disc is ideal for removing light surface corrosion, paint overspray, rust, and other moderate surface contaminants from a variety of surfaces in residential and commercial settings

(3M Corp

Reach in your toolbox and pull out the 3M-7483 Scotch-Brite(TM) Roloc(TM) Surface Conditioning Disc

It can also be used as a sanding disc for finishing and smoothing

They can be used on stainless steel, glass and tile and can be used to create a “like new” finish on surfaces

Aka: Scotch-Brite®, 3M 3M-7483, Roloc(TM) Surface Conditioning Disc, 4" Medium

The 3M Medium Surface Conditioning Disc is an ultra-fine abrasive used to remove light surface scratches and imperfections from a variety of surfaces including floors, walls, countertops and more

This abrasive, non-woven surface conditioning disc is great for preparing surfaces for adhesives, paint and other bonding applications

Each disc has hundreds of tiny abrasive filaments designed to smooth and finish surfaces while leaving a residue-free finish

You can even use it to remove rust from tools and equipment with a wire brush attachment on the drill

The 3M-7483 4" Medium Surface Conditioning Disc is ideal for preparing surfaces prior to painting, drywall installation, and final finish

Scotch-Brite(TM) Roloc(TM) Surface Conditioning Discs are designed to remove and prevent build-up on a variety of surfaces

They are made from recycled materials and are 100% recyclable after use

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Used for removing surface imperfections on ceramic tile and marble

The Scotch-Brite Roloc Medium Surface Conditioning Disc is designed to help you achieve professional results

It is engineered to remove severe surface contamination and achieve a uniform finish on surfaces

Scotch-Brite(TM) Roloc(TM) Surface Conditioning Discs have a patented, self-centering hub that allows you to adjust the disc angle to match the angle of your surface

Paul, MN 55144, www

So whether you're conditioning stone, metal or tile, you can count on these innovative discs to get the job done right

Scotch-Brite(TM) Roloc(TM) Surface Conditioning Discs are designed to remove scratches and surface imperfections from hard, nonporous surfaces

The Roloc(TM) profile is designed to effectively remove paint build-up and other surface contaminants

The higher level of abrasion provided by this product makes it a good choice for removing adhesive residues from delicate substrates or metals

This 4" Medium stone is designed to remove surface imperfections and refine ceramic tile and marble surfaces prior to application of ceramic and porcelain tile adhesives

Once used, the entire abrasive surface is consumed, leaving a smooth finish

Compatible with the Roloc(TM) Adapter (#7484)

This 4-inch disc is perfect for removing minor scuffs on walls and trim, as well as marks that may have occurred during the moving process

The textured surface has a medium coarseness (1/8")

Recommended Uses: The 3M-7483 is a high performance abrasive designed for medium to heavy duty cleaning of coated metal, painted metal, or plastic

The 3M-7483 features a ribbed design to help remove surface contaminants from painted surfaces that could cause texture variations during final finishing stages

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