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Access Tool AETBMJS4 Big Max Jack Set
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  • sku ISN-33375
  • upc 857550002790
  • Weight: 5.00 LBS

Access Tool AETBMJS4 Big Max Jack Set

Price: 2099-12-31 $119.95
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Big Max Jack Set

Get the right tools to get the job done with this Big Max Jack Set. This set includes an 8 Ton Heavy Duty Ratchet, 1/2" Drive Sockets and a super bright light that illuminates your work space.

The Big Max Jack Set pairs the jacking power of its 15 ton Big Max hydraulic jack with a super tough Combo wrench and real Big Max Torx bits to keep your vehicle safely on the ground.

Our Big Max Jack Set is engineered for fast, easy tire access. The two jacking points are placed in the center to maintain load distribution. This package includes three jack stands, a storage/carrying bag and four different size tires.

Finally, the Big Max Jack Set is even more powerful than before- now a full 75% stronger! If you're under a heavy load and need to jack up your vehicle, you need a set that's going to raise it safely, and fast. The Big Max Jack Set is the perfect tool for any truck owner who needs to raise their vehicle off the ground quickly. This tool set includes an impact wrench with adjustable ratcheting head, three extension bars, three 10' steel ton jack stands to support your vehicle as it lifts and two wheel chocks. Stay safe when performing heavy duty tire service on your truck,

AETBMJS4. Big Max Jack Set

The AETBMJS4 Big Max Jack Set is the perfect addition to your truck's tool kit. It comes with a standard jack, 2 each 21" and 18" interchangeable extensions, 3 assorted wheel chocks, 6 lugnuts and an impact socket adapter. The Big Max Jack Set will handle any job that requires lifting the vehicle from the ground such as; gas/oil changes, brake service and suspension work.

The Big Max line of tools is designed to be ergonomic, comfortable at any angle and is built for easy handling. The new Big Max AETBMJS4 4-piece portable jack set is a must-have tool for any home garage!

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  • upc 857550002790
  • Weight: 5.00 LBS
  • Length:60.00
  • Height:2.00
  • Width:8.00

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