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Delta 144749 Delta Nicoli Monitor 14 Series H2Okinetic Tub and Shower - Chrome
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  • Brand: Delta

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Delta 144749 Delta Nicoli Monitor 14 Series H2Okinetic Tub and Shower - Chrome

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Delta Nicoli Monitor 14 Series H2Okinetic Tub and Shower - Chrome

A clean, classic silhouette with a modern bend is the Delta Nicoli Monitor 14 Series H2Okinetic Tub and Shower with Chrome Trim. A patented water-saving rinse cycle saves up to 30% of the water used in the shower.

The Delta Nicoli Monitor 14 Series H2Okinetic Tub and Shower features Touch-Clean spray face for easy cleaning, wide angle showerhead provides 40% more coverage, Energy efficient pump uses 30% less energy than conventional systems, Upgraded pressure control valve maintains consistent water pressure while reducing noise output (Delta Faucet), Durable acrylic construction for dependable performance

Featuring brushed nickel finish, Delta's Monitor 14 Series H2Okinetic Tub and Shower is the epitome of sophisticated style. You'll enjoy an invigorating shower or refreshing tub experience with water you can see and feel.

No separate diverter on the Delta Nicoli monitor 14 Series bath faucet. Installed horizontally or vertically. Chrome finish. SLVR-11111: can be installed with a centered valve of 1/2''. SLVR-11211: can be installed with a centered valve of 3/8''. The matching shower head and handshower allow for your dream multispray shower.

Engineered for performance, the Monitor 14 Series H2Okinetic Tub and Shower changes the look of your bathroom with a modern, high design. This tub faucet brings an elegant touch to your bath while offering the utmost in performance. Made of durable materials, this faucet is sure to withstand everyday use.

This best-selling 14 Series H2Okinetic TFM Bath and Shower combines a solid brass construction with a showerhead to embody the true essence of the Delta brand. Boasting finely chiseled handles and a versatile 10-inch spread, it sits beautifully in any bathroom decor.

Welcome to the Delta H2Okinetic experience—rainfall shower heads, spray settings and smooth water delivery you won't find in any other shower system. The Monitor 14 Series H2Okinetic delivers a rainfall shower experience like no other, and its round opening offers more space for your bathing needs. Plus, enjoy an added bonus: our EcoMass Saving technology, which helps cut your water consumption by as much as 20% – making it one of the most efficient showers on the market.

Transform your bathroom into a spa with the H2Okinetic shower experience from DeltaÂ. This shower faucet and tub spout combine WaterSense technology with an innovative new cartridge to provide a water-efficient, high-performance spray for invigorating your senses.

The Delta H2Okinetic Shower uses a combination of water pressure, thermostatic mixing valve and kinetic circulation technology to deliver an exceptionally high-quality showering experience. A spray face with an EasyClean spray holes feature removable nozzles, which can be cleaned by simply running water through them. The result is an active Delta shower head that removes dirt and lime scale without using harsh chemicals or scrubbing, leaving your plumbing fixtures looking like new.

What makes you feel truly clean? The Delta H2Okinetic Shower delivers the clean you'll only get from water. Experience water with movement and energy, just like nature intended. This feature utilizes the widely accepted high-efficiency metric to describe performance, not create deception. It's our way of creating trust.

Rethink your entire shower experience with an innovative tub and shower combination. The Delta 144749 Monitor Shower includes not only six unique spray settings, but also DeltaTRAK Technology that helps reduce the amount of water the average person uses for each shower. It delivers a shower like you've never experienced before.

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  • upc 034449953733
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