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ESAB WELDING & CUTTING PRODUCTS VQ9-8206 Thermal Dynamics Replacement 30-Amp Drag Tip, 5-Pack

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The ESAB TIP 30 A DRAG is the innovative solution when welding or cutting pipes or tubes. Its special shape and versatile electrode system makes every position welding possible with ease. From pipes to tubes, the new TIP 30 A DRAG is truly a breakthrough product that delivers perfect results every time.

The TIP 30A Drag welding and cutting products features iridescent hexagon/tangle-resistant shielding gas hose and a natural leather welding glove. The TIP 30A Drag Welding and Cutting Product was designed to be lightweight and easily maneuverable, which makes it easier to control in tight spots. Fully assembled in the USA!

The TIP 30A Drags are manufactured from top grade Tungsten Electrodes. The copper electrode is wire fed through a 5/32? (4mm) diameter hole in the tip body, resulting in a clean, smooth, accurate size hole. Paraffin resistance is excellent and the tip body will resist hot slag. Ideal for use with cored arc welding and cutting processes

The innovative Tip 30A-Drag takes the performance and comfort of the bestselling Tip 30A, and adds an ergonomic handle with a soft rubber grip to prevent hand fatigue and discomfort. Plus, the drag system features XtraDrive™ technology to provide added thrust for low amp applications – up to 100% greater than previous Tips. And, like every ArcMate™ rod series from ESAB, it’s designed for accurate arc starting and smooth weld puddle flow on DCEN alloys. It’s a must-have addition to your welding kit!

The Tip 30A drag allows users to perform a variety of welding applications. It features a 4-position switch that adapts to the welder's specific application, and built-in wire size capability to select the correct wire feed rate. The Micro CDI provides a high frequency current with a low reactance, which results in low spatter.

The new TIP drag

This is a general purpose TIG Torch. It's great for long or short circuit applications. The drag torch allows you to reach tight spaces and work aggressively in welding or cutting applications.

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