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Hydrolevel 3200-PLUS (Product Number) FUEL SMART HYDROSTAT FOR GAS BOILERS 120V (24V OU

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Fuel Smart Hydrostats are the ideal way to control both the pilot and main burner functions of gas boilers or water heaters. These high-quality and dependable controls are easy to install, can be set for an infinite number of combinations and meet all ANSI requirements. Their flexible features include 24 V output, low voltage terminal block voltage adjustment, soft start motor shutdown, a built-in 12 V relay (activated by a wide range of condensing burners). Fuel Smart Hydrostats

FUEL SMART™ HydroStat keeps operating costs down by maintaining lower tank pressure than standard gas hydromotors, which means fewer cycles with less heat loss. Because the FUEL SMART unit is small, it can be installed directly on the gas line at the point where the regulator connects.

Hydrolevel has reinvented the way hydronic systems are managed for the twenty-first century. Fuel Smart Hydrostats (2-wire) and Fuel Smart Booster Pump Controllers (3-wire) are programmable to operate any boiler or burner set up, including most gas, oil, and Pellet.

The Fuel Smart Hydrostat is designed to make it easy for homeowners to monitor and adjust the flow from a gas water heater. It comes with a removable faceplate.

The Fuel Smart Hydrostat for boiler systems is a float-type thermostat designed to sense when the liquid level of water in a tank is lower than the float. When this occurs, it reduces gas supply and, when levels then rise again, will re-latch to the on position. This will help to save fuel costs by ensuring that the burner does not stay "on" when adequate heat is provided by the residual heat in the stored water. A simple but effective "fuel saving"

Protect the systems that keep your business running smoothly with the Fuel Smart 3200 Plus Fuel Controller, designed for gas boilers. This high-end controller offers unmatched control, protection and flexibility for a range of fuels used in commercial applications. With three main functions and programming capabilities for up to 20 set points, the Fuel Smart 3200 Plus is easy to setup and monitor, making it ideal for technicians who like smart solutions.

The 3200-Plus FUEL SMART offers the ultimate in boiler regulation. The 3200-PLUS is a “smart” regulator that learns and remembers your boiler’s unique characteristics, helping to deliver consistent results over time and maintain system efficiency. Other features include: * Microprocessor monitors instantaneous pressure while controlling to setpoint, providing fast, accurate response under all conditions. * Dual stage relief valve with safety pressure reset uses spring loaded backcheck, reducing the risk of water

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  • Date First Available :January 27, 2016
  • Manufacturer:HydroLevel
  • Part Number:3200-PLUS

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