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Lennox 14T64 2 Stage Pressure Switch
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  • Brand: LENNOX

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Lennox 14T64 2 Stage Pressure Switch

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2 Stage Pressure Switch

Our 2 Stage Pressure Switch product is used to convert an outdoor or indoor single stage heat pump to a 2 stage furnace. It's compatible with all 14T64 series 14T51 and Forcer air cooled condenser coil connections. This pressure switch also eliminates the need to install additional refrigerant piping and will save you money by allowing precise control of the outdoor compressor's start-up operation.

The two stage pressure switch is one of the most popular Lennox furnaces for electric heat and gas heat. This switch is designed for service to all old and new Lennox furnaces with a tagged system .

The Two stage pressure switch is the ideal accessory for cooling systems requiring low differential pressures, including air conditioning and attic fan applications. -------------------

The Lennox Pressure Switch is designed to work with the Lennox HHR-215 Outdoor Furnace. It is a two stage pressure switch that activates the furnace to start heating once there is sufficient pressure in the system and then cycles off once temperature level has been reached.

Clean burning, high efficiency Lennox indoor air conditioning units are designed and manufactured to the most exacting standards. Innovative two stage pressure switches control fuel flow across a range of 12-115 PSI to provide higher efficiency operation and superior humidity performance.

This 14T64 pressure switch can be used on two Stage Heat Pump Models 14HCD3-4, 14HCD3-4-110-497. It is a normally closed body, 12 volt, SPDT pilot operated device and includes a 4.1" (105mm) cable with a 2 pin \"D\" connector.

This Lennox 14T64 Pressure switch is used with a split-system air conditioner and will regulate the compressors power in response to the evaporator's load.

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  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
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