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Lennox 73K19 L160-30F LIMIT SWITCH L160-30F LIMIT SWITCH
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  • Brand: LENNOX

  • sku NEU-120354
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Lennox 73K19 L160-30F LIMIT SWITCH L160-30F LIMIT SWITCH

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The L160-30F LIMIT SWITCH is a manual/automatic electrical limit switch built to UL standards. The device can be used for opening and closing contactor and circuit breaker contacts, as well as alarm contacts. The switch includes detection of short circuit, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including aircraft.

Lennox 73K19 L160-30F LIMIT SWITCH

The L160-30F Limit Switch, is meant for use as a safety device in conjunction with air conditioning compressors. This is a SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) type of limit switch. It is Adjustable Time Delay and so its action is automatic. It can be used with any model of Lennox or another brand of air conditioning unit that uses an L160-30F Limit Switch. If you are buying the L160-30F Limit Switch for your Lennox air conditioner, you need to know what type of air conditioner it has before making a purchase. The only way to try

The L160-30F Limit Switch is used on Lennox Vapor Recovery Units with Stacked Coil - 190,195,200,210,240,245 and 250 models.

The Lennox 73K19 L160-30F Limit Switch is built to work with Lennox Air Conditioners. This product gives you the power of air conditioning allowing you to cool down your home in the summer months of the year. The benefit of this AC product is that it gives you the ability to set boundaries relating to temperature control.

The Lennox L160-30F Limit Switch is available for purchase from us. Please call us at 888-567-8662 for pricing and order lead times.

Lennox 73K19 L160-30F Limit Switch is part of Lennox outdoor products. This Lennox outdoor product is of the highest quality. Easy installation and long lasting durability are what you get with Lennox outdoor products.

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