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FJC FJC2503 PAG Oil 150 w/Dye - Gallon
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  • Brand: FJC

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FJC FJC2503 PAG Oil 150 w/Dye - Gallon

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PAG Oil 150 w/Dye - Gallon

Find a suitable place for your oil storage tanks and also simplify your daily routine with the help of this PAG Oil 150 w/Dye - Gallon. Made from galvanized steel, this well-made and strong storage tank will allow you to store up to 5.5 gallons of aqueous polyacrylic acid spill cleanup solution in just one container. This FJC PAG Oil 150 w/Dye - Gallon have been tested and proven effective for controlling hydrocarbon spills, including crude oil and shale oil or as an emergency source of water (non-potable) for fighting fires. Definitely a must

PAG Oil 150 w/Dye Gallon is for use in all diesel and gas engines, including older engines subject to wear. The superior lubricating qualities of this product slows wear on piston rings and cylinder liners. It also provides superior oxidation stability that resists the formation of acids, sludge and varnish.

The FJC PAG Oil 150 w/Dye is specially formulated for natural gas and ethanol-fired boilers, hot water tanks, and heating systems. It contains a petroleum base suitable for the industrial and commercial market.

FJC PAG oil can be used for turbine or gas engines. The dye makes it easy to check for water in the oil.

The FJC PAG oils have been formulated to provide effective protection for a large variety of steel surfaces. The pigment concentration of the oils has been calculated strictly on the basis of the required optical density in the final paint film, and is not affected by dyes, color bases or driers.

PAG Oil is typically used to lubricate bearings and gears for construction equipment, industrial machinery, farm equipment and certain automotive transmissions. It provides long-lasting protection for more efficient operation.

This product is a synthetic blend that meets or exceeds the performance of petroleum based oils. It has all of the same great qualities as conventional petroleum based oils without the environmental and health risks associated with it. This product is for use in Gasoline or Diesel generating equipment, oil burners, and internal combustion engines.

2 days
  • upc 609989009815
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
  • Length:1.00
  • Height:1.00
  • Width:1.00
  • Brand:FJC
  • Item model number:2503
  • Item Weight:7.88 pounds
  • Manufacturer:FJC
  • Manufacturer Part Number:2503
  • Model:2503
  • Product Dimensions:6.6 x 3 x 11.68 inches
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