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RHEEM AP17872 Flame Sensor Rod -Ruud
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  • Brand: RHEEM

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RHEEM AP17872 Flame Sensor Rod -Ruud

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Flame Sensor Rod

Item: AP17872 - Flame Sensor Rod. Part #: AP17872. The flame sensor rod is the wire element located near the burner assembly. This part will fit models: RHEEM : 50GPH-160, 75GPH-160, 060GPH-100, 050GPH-100, 075GPH-100, 100GHP0-250, 100GHP0-290. It is important to keep your Rheem water heater in good working order by changing out your flame sensor rods every 3 to 5 years to ensure safety and optimal performance for your home.

Rheem Flame Sensor Rod AP17872 is a flame sensor rod used with all Ruud gas furnace models. The rheem flame sensor rod AP17872 measures the temperature of the hot surface of the burner assembly, which is located in between the primary and secondary stages. The sensor must be replaced every time you replace burners or if it has been exposed to heat.

Flame sensor rod replaces Rheem light sensor rods used in gas fireplace units. It is made of metal and plastic, measures 3.5 inches in length, and includes mounting hardware. This flame sensor rod from Neuco is compatible with Rheem gas fireplace models AP17872, AP17873 and AP17882.

Rheem AP17872 Flame Sensor Rod

The Rheem brand name is the standard for excellence in HVAC equipment. When you require dependability and lasting durability, rely on Rheem.

Replace your flame rod every 10 years to maintain the efficiency of your system and prevent costly service calls.

These Flame Sensor Rods are the most common replacement part for gas fireplaces manufactured by RE/MAX. They are used to sense if the pilot flame is present or not. If it is not present, the flame sensor rod will send a signal to the gas valve and turn off the gas to prevent any gas leaks or fires. For safety reasons, they need to be replaced every 2 years and should be tested regularly by a professional.

The flame sensor rod is used on gas-fired water heaters to detect flame failure. It is used in conjunction with a flame switch and a control valve. When the temperature of the flame sensor rod rises due to an open flame, the Flame Sensor Rod will close a contact in the Flame Switch, allowing gas to flow to the pilot assembly.

The RHEEM AP17872 Flame Sensor Rod is used with the Rheem AP1787 Ruud Furnace. It is a single rod flame sensor rod. This flame sensor rod fits in the gas valve assembly and prevents the gas valve from allowing gas flow into the furnace when no pilot light is present or pilot light goes out. The flame sensor rod aids in helping to prevent carbon monoxide (CO) from building up inside your home from a gas furnace by detecting any increase in odor which may be generated by the pilot light going out.

The RHEEM AP17872 Flame Sensor Rod is a necessary replacement for the flame sensor rod, which is located on the gas valve. The flame sensor rod serves as a safety system that cuts off propane gas if it becomes unsafe. This part should be replaced annually to ensure maximum safety and efficiency of your equipment.

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