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  • Brand: YORK

  • sku METO-29582
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Pain: The nightmare is upon us - our CAPACITOR has blown up again! It’s never going to last another morning. And now all our products are out of stock! Agitate: Our competitor’s CAPACITORS are constantly breaking down, which means their machine downtime is costing them thousands of dollars a month. Solution: After careful consideration, we decided that the best option was to buy a new YORK S1-CAP4405050DR CAP,RUN DUAL,50/5MFD,440V,ROUND CAPACITOR from York Online and call their technician again. We had major problems with our previous purchase and didn’t want the same thing happening again. No way!

Pain: York S1-CAP4405050DR CAP,RUN DUAL,50/5MFD,440V,ROUND - Hi, am in need of a quotation for my urgent enquiries, please provide me with best offer. Thanks in advance. *** Please send your best quotation for the following item: YORK S1-CAP4405050DR CAP,RUN DUAL,50/5MFD,440V,ROUND Agitate: Am looking to buy York S1-CAP4405050DR CAP,RUN DUAL,50/5MFD,440V,ROUND and I kindly request you to send your best offer as soon as possible. *** Find attached file. It

Pain: The round shape of the double run capacitor was not […]. Agitate: Incorporating a circular form factor designed to fit RL45 mounting rails, this […]. The […] and […]. Solution: […] a product that can be used in applications for both ac/dc […] .

Pain: Getting the right cap requires a number of considerations. Agitate: There are many types of capacitors and so far virtually none are known to be “the best”. Solution: Roland’s CAP stock the widest range of capacitors on the market (over 2000). It also has over 30 years experience in testing and designing capacitors for a wide variety of applications. Using that experience, it can provide you with premium quality, high-end performance options.

Pain: Blank spaces on your panelboard? Too many different types of capacitors running around? You need a quick and efficient way to check which capacitors have been purchased and which are missing. Agitate: Each time you need to replace a capacitor, it takes time to grab the right one out of several boxes.Solution: Order your Yorkson online from Industrial Electronics. They're built with easy scrolling capabilities, an easy-to-use graphical interface and make for quick reference checks.

Pain: A new circuit board design left your company’s production line without the right capacitors. Agitate: The trouble is the original component was a precision-made part, which had been working perfectly before it was replaced. Solution: When the original component fails or breaks down, call our experts to discuss your options. We can find and source an approved replacement for you – quickly and at competitive prices.

Pain: While your purchase may have seen a direct and immediate benefit, for your customer it’s a different story. Agitate: With York's latest generation of contactor technology, the S1 series, you can minimize your installation time and improve reliability in many ways not possible with previous generations of contactors, helping to improve your customers' experience. Solution: Learn more about our S1 range here . York's solutions are designed to reduce installation times and complexity when compared to other state-of-the-art technologies.

2 days
  • upc 688714893400
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
  • Batteries Included?:No
  • Batteries Required?:No
  • Item Package Quantity:1
  • Manufacturer:YORK
  • Part Number:157623
  • Date First Available :July 12, 2017
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